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YouTube Vanced is a modified version of a famous YouTube application called YouTube redirection. This is a free download for those who don't want to use it on their mobile. With Vanced, you can easily make the experience of watching YouTube videos easier on your mobile device. The free version has limited features though.


What Is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is basically a modified version of the famous free YouTube application called YouTube Redirection. With this program, you can easily make the YouTube videos on your device appear as if they have been uploaded directly on your desktop computer or laptop. You will get to enjoy the features like built-in YouTube redirection, themed skins, and so much more. 

Installation Of YouTube Vanced

If you're using the free version of YouTube Vanced, you might not be seeing all the YouTube Vanced benefits yet. Download YouTube Vanced from the link here and Install. Having a YouTube Vanced on your android device makes it possible for you to watch videos without having to leave the current application you're using to play them. Instead, you can continue enjoying your videos while being productive. To do this, just go to the "Settings" area and enable the YouTube Redirects option. It will take you straight to the root directory where your video is stored so you can begin playing with them immediately.

In addition to the free version, you can also purchase YouTube Redirects Advanced Version. The YouTube Vanced version enables you to do a lot more with YouTube Redirects such as controlling how it redirects you. With the advanced version, you can also have the option to turn off ads, switch skins, change background playback, and many more. Compared to the free version, the advanced version is quite pricey, but then again, it has everything YouTube promises in terms of functionality.

What Is Good About YouTube Vanced

As for the feature allows you to view videos in different resolutions; whether you're viewing them in portrait mode or landscape mode, the size automatically adjusts so you won't get bored with the way the video looks on your phone. The only thing you need to do is to enable the channel list and the filter list for your channel.

You might be wondering what's so good about the YouTube Vanced background playing feature; after all, there aren't a lot of options in this area. The fact is that the Google application actually has built-in support for over 50 video players, including the likes of Vevo and Windows Media Player. The built-in player for YouTube also supports Mp3 format for your music files, as well as High Definition Video recording. It also boasts of being able to access your existing playlist and search for new videos. This advanced capability automatically accelerates your playback speed, so you won't have to wait for that much before watching your favorite clips.

Since it is an official application of YouTube, you can be assured that it comes with all kinds of features such as channel search and tagging. However, if you are thinking of using Vanced for commercial purposes such as in a film, you have to make sure that your business site is allowed to use dance as well. According to Google, they have received requests from various websites asking them not to allow YouTube users to use the built-in Vanced background. However, Google states that they have received clarifications from various websites asking them to allow the background to be used by YouTube members.


One of the biggest reasons why many people love YouTube is because of the variety of interactive features available to users. There are a lot of third-party applications that add a lot of interactivity to the site. While they may enhance your experience, YouTube Vanced is still considered the leader in terms of video resolution, quality, and user interface. Although there are a lot of other players that claim to offer better performance in various categories, none of them can match what dance has to offer. If you want to see what all the buzz is about, why not download the YouTube Vanced and give it a whirl? You'll see a whole different side of YouTube just within minutes!