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An auto clicker is a special type of macro or software program which is used basically to automate the clicking of the mouse automatically on a specific computer screen element. Clickers are automatically triggered to execute captured input as soon as recorded earlier, or produced from different environmental variables. There are several types of auto clickers available in the market today, and they serve different purposes. Some are used for recording specific events, and some are used as part of training modules for computer users.

Auto Clicker

Cactus Clickers In Auto Clicker

Some clickers are also known as "cactus clickers", since they record clicks when the cursor is in very close proximity to a particular element such as a button, or a target area. Such elements can include buttons, targets, or patterns. Cactus clickers are very convenient to use as part of a training program since the clicking sound is much louder than other types of clicking sounds, and it requires more physical work to reach the target area. It can also be programmed to perform certain tasks automatically, such as pausing the computer to mark the current time interval, before proceeding to the next time interval.

A timer-based auto clicker program also known as an Auto Clicker uses a stopwatch to trigger the clicking sequence. The start time and the end time can be set manually to achieve the desired time interval between mouse clicks. The same type of auto clicker also can trigger a specific event when certain conditions are met. For example, if you want to make the mouse clicking more random and continuous, the clicker will start and stop at random intervals.

Other Auto Clicker Programs

There is also another popular form of automatic clicking software program which is used by gamers. This type of program is called a "cross gaming mouse clicker" or "multi-click gaming mouse". This program can be used in Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) where gamers need to coordinate the timing of their clicking actions with that of their fellow players. It can also be useful for gamers who do not want to exert too much physical effort but can still achieve good results.

Some auto-clicker programs come with a feature that makes the system tray appear when the mouse is clicked. This system tray is used for information purposes only. It does not interact with the computer, however. This makes the computer user experience much smoother because there is no need for the user to open the system tray. The system tray can be accessed by right-clicking on the Start Menu button or by clicking on the desktop icon.

Advantage Of Using Auto Clicker

The advantage of using auto clicker software utility is that it allows the user to spend more time concentrating on other things other than clicking. In this way, the user is less likely to be distracted by repetitive tasks like repeating a keyboard command. If done properly, the user will never be aware of the software utility being used as long as he/she uses the mouse.

The most important benefit of using an auto clicker application is the speed at which you can perform actions. With traditional methods of clicking the keyboard, the movements needed to be made with the keyboard, and the mouse would usually have to be coordinated with the actions performed by the hands. However, with auto-clicker programs, just a simple movement of the cursor will determine which action is to be made. All that is required is to focus on something and let the auto clicker do its work. With this simple process, a lot of repetitive tasks can be accomplished in a shorter period.


This technology can also help increase the efficiency of employees. With this easy and convenient technology, they do not have to pause between keyboard strokes nor do they have to type every letter by themselves. With the use of auto-clicker programs, they can type without wasting time. This means that more of their time can now be spent generating input instead of generating output. So, with the help of an auto clicker, you can also free up some of your time so you can concentrate more on more important matters.