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GB WhatsApp (also popularly typed as GBWhatsApp) is among the top WhatsApp mods and very popular amongst the many WhatsApp users. The great advantage of this mod is that it's completely customizable.

GBWhatsApp Mod is made by the GB team just for you and the main reason behind the usage is the fact that the mod is completely ban free. There is no spyware or any such unwanted virus in Gb WhatsApp that can be used to gain access into your handset. The most important thing about this program is that it provides you with high-quality services and it can be an ideal chat software. Most of the people i know actually use GB WhatsApp and not the vanilla WhatsApp anymore. (Sorry Facebook!)

Gb Whatsapp

What Makes GB WhatsApp Better than Normal WhatsApp

1. No Last Seen

The first advantage of GB WhatsApp is that you can hide the last seen on WhatsApp app on your handset. For example, if you are on this app and want to show your friends a message then you just have to activate the hide last seen on GB WhatsApp feature. This will allow you to get better privacy settings that you cannot get in the normal WhatsApp. To know more about this app please visit Gb WhatsApp official website at WhatsModAPKs.

2. Block Unwanted Ads

The next advantage is the blocking of unwanted ads. These ads can disturb you while browsing social media or visiting any site and can create problems while talking on your phone especially if you are on business calls. So there are various privacy options available in this GB WhatsApp app which allow you to block ads like pop-up ads, spam, and thievery among others. So this feature is very much beneficial for all the users out there. (Basically GB WhatsApp won't spy on you to make money from you with Ads)

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 then you must install the latest version of gbwhatsapp which is v5. You can also download this app from the Samsung apps website. The application provides a lot of features which are helpful for the users to manage their data. It has almost all the features that you may find in the stock photo or digital camera apps like editing, sharing and saving images and videos, viewing images on the internet, adding folders to the gallery and many more. Some of the key features of this app includes:

Video calling: You can also make video calls through this messaging app. This can be done by just clicking on the video option present in the video tab of the gbwhatsapp. You can also dial the number through this app while sending the message or email as well. Moreover this messaging app has one-to-one chat support where you can chat with your friends even while you are on the move. Moreover this messaging app provides a lot of advanced security options for the users along with the video calling feature.

Install gbwhatsapp: To successfully use the whatsapp application you must have a mac device or a windows mobile phone or a tablet PC. This messaging app can easily be installed on these devices as they are widely available. The best part about this app is that you can take it anywhere as you need to carry your device with you everywhere. You can even use this app while travelling to save your time and energy.

Use gbwhatsapp for free: You can easily get the full functionality of this official app by accessing the paid version for a nominal fee. This free version is limited to 60 messages a day and its messaging limit is the same as that of the free version. The free version can also help you send and receive multiple messages in a day. The official website of gbwhatsapp provides information regarding the free and paid versions of this chatting app. You can also browse through the sample of this popular messaging app to have a good idea about its functionalities.

Double tick option: You can easily activate the double tick feature of this chat client to reveal your messages at once. By activating the double tick you can see all the latest news from your friends as well as they can also send you messages. If you are chatting with someone using gbwhatsapp, then he/she will not see any messages unless you click on the 'show me' button and then give a chance to send a message. The best thing about this app is that you do not have to unlock your device to use this amazing app. It is available for free and is easy to download.